Museum Trippin

At the Moya Museum

At the Moya Museum

Today I put together an outfit of cute stuff (from bubble and Love Soul) and went to a few museums.

I really enjoyed my time at the Moya Museum, took a lot of screenshots, and even had a chance to visit with Moya himself who tells me he had one of his very first SL exhibitions because of me (I used to run a gallery). I am honored! He’s such a powerhouse of raw talent. The whole island is chock full of art… he paints, he sculpts, he draws, and he creates virtual art spaces including galleries, monuments, and even an Anti-Moya campaign complete with picketers! Some of the spaces like the one shown above is actually very realistic feeling. He says he’s using a spotlight.

With Moya

With Moya

Some of his art

Chatting via Google translator while walking through the gallery together

More of Moy's art

Moya and his art

Go there and see it all for yourself. Be prepared for a feast of the eyes.

I also went to the Natural History Museum, which was lovely but not big enough! More, more I say!

The realistic effect is really trippy!

The realistic effect is really trippy!

At the Natural History Museum in SL

Then I went to the International Spaceflight Museum which had an incredible rocket display. Each has a plaque you can click on for information about each rocket. I suspect that the various sizes represented are somewhat accurate and they do give one the impression of how massive they are.

International Spaceflight Museum

International Spaceflight Museum

Ok, so now onto my outfit 🙂

At my house in front of my dad's artwork.

At my house in front of my dad’s artwork.

GoldFish Love Soul

Rainbow Tunic and Dot Leggings from bubble

GoldFish Bag and Phone from Love Soul

Love Soul PhoneCase



Love Soul hair and Glasses

MiaSnow Ember Skin, Mint Leaf for the Mouth, XP Eyeshadow, and Lips I Love


One thought on “Museum Trippin

  1. Since I entered SL six years ago this month, the International Spaceflight Museum has been one of my fav destinations. It will forever stay in my picks tab.

    I’ve not seen Moya’s work before. Thank you for the heads up!

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