The Blasted Heath

The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham is a build by me (MiaSnow Myriam) sponsored by a grant provided by LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts). It opened today, October 1st, 2015! Go visit!!! 


The Colour Out of Space is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s story depicting The Blasted Heath, a region of grey desolation sprawling open to the sky. It is where an event known as the strange days occurred after a meteorite landed at the Gardner’s well.


What To Do @ The Blasted Heath:
At the Landing Point:
◕ Turn your sound up and prepare to get creeped out.
◕ Make sure to use region settings for estate time lighting.
◕ On the billboard, click the links for more H.P. Lovecraft. Look at photos and read info about him. Listen to the story or read it while you look around.
◕ Grab a free apple, but prepare for “sore disappointment, for of all that gorgeous array of specious lusciousness not one single jot [is] fit to eat. Into the fine flavour of the …apples [has] crept a stealthy bitterness and sickishness, so that even the smallest bites [induce] a lasting disgust.”
◕ Check out the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) Kiosk and find more fine exhibitions!
At the Well:
◕  Trick a friend into getting trapped in the dark hole where the meteorite fell near the well. If they panic, just tell them to wait it out and the spell of the deep will release them.
◕  Past the well, follow the narrow path into the reservoir water and stargaze on the rock with a friend.
In Gardner’s Place:
◕  Pick up some dollarbies! Framed photos of H.P. Lovecraft, books, & a copy of The Arkham Post.
◕  Sit next to Nabby Gardner on the sofa, if you dare!
◕  Click the radio for a link to listen to the story on YouTube.
◕  Click the TV for a link to an H.P. Lovecraft documentary.
Thank you so much LEA, for awarding me the opportunity to build this!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Lazy Sunday’s 200th Event

Hello! My item for Lazy Sunday’s special 200th event, is an applier for Slink’s Visage mesh head. It includes the whole skin so even if you don’t have the Slink Visage yet, you’re getting something awesome you can use for only L$75! But I highly recommend the Slink Visage mesh head, it’s very cute, lovely and includes lots of fun expressions, closed eyes, and more. Later I’ll release a full applier version with eyebrow and makeup options. This is only a special price thru Sunday March 16 and only at my main store location, MIA14.



I’d like to also point out that if you buy the Slink Visage and like the skin that already comes on it… and say you want to use it just like it is, then it is good to know that MIA14 Ember Skin Healthy Glow actually matches the tone pretty well. This pic over at Flickr shows what I mean.


Theme Park Rock n Roll

Today an event opened called The Theme Park. This month’s theme is rock n roll! I have made 3 special items which are only available at the event now, and will be in-store (at MIA14) afterwards. The event runs for 3 weeks.

MIA14 Stardust Makeup Poster


Stardust makeup is based on Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie). It has to wrap around the avatar mesh so the lines get a little wobbly (as you can see in the photo) but that’s just the way it is and overall i think it still looks pretty awesome. Demo is available so you can see how it wraps on your avie.

MIA14 Leo Shirts Main Poster


Sexy Leo shirts come in 6 colors and include Lolas and Azz appliers, but may be worn without. Sculpted sleeve cuffs fit nicely over SLink wrists.



Only makeup, lashes, and death lock are based on the one and only, Jerry Only from Misfits! ❤ As you can see in the Leo shirt photo, you can wear the death lock with your fave hair (or alone).

December Scarf Mesh 8 Pack



Easy mesh scarf 8 pack. Click and wear mesh moves with your avatar’s body. Feels soft and comfy. Available now at SnowVille.

Bonus: Explore SnowVille and find the gift shop. Under the tree you will find my gift to you, a red and black stripe scarf (my personal favorite). There are lots of presents from the other merchants as well 🙂

Lots of Newness for October!


Helloo everybody! I made a whole slew of makeups for October based on a clown girl theme. I was going for a mix of dolly & creepy, with the creepy part inspired by my involvement with Horrorfest, going on now! Later, these items I’m about to show you will be my Marketplace. There are savings if you get some of this stuff now. Keep on looking… here’s the display at Horrorfest…


The cute skin has 6 base clown face options, with one being plain, one showing teethies, 2 red cheek options, & 2 red nose options. Isn’t she one adorable clown girl?


The skin set comes with the 6 face options, pushup cleavage, normal cleavage, Lolas Tango & Slink appliers, shape, brow shaper, & system eyelash eraser in case you need it. If you TP to Horrorfest and see my display in person, you will be able to zoom in to see more photos of the body and such 🙂 Then you can also touch the box showing my Horrorfest Hunt item for a starting point LM.


During Horrorfest, the lashes I made to coordinate with this clown girl theme, are priced so all proceeds from its sale go to The Epilepsy Therapy Project.

candy clown lashes poster 3 copy

Annnd top it all off with makeup options!!!! Here is just a sample. For more pics, visit my Flickr stream around this image.

candy clown makeup poster 3

candy clown makeup poster 2



Visit PUMPKIN TOWN! Oct 1st – Halloween. Pumpkin Town Blog.


Here’s a guide for finding more photos & information about each of my Pumpkin Town store’s products. Click the links below. All connect to my Marketplace listings.

1 thru 15


1. Walker Betty Skin -Not currently on the Marketplace

2. Pale Mesh Eyes

3. Black Mesh Eyes

4. Web Lashes

5. Lisbeth Makeup Mask

6. Grape Squirt Candy

7. Nails HUD 1 for Slink

8. Nails HUD 2 for Slink

9. Nails HUD 3 for Slink

10. Zomba Bloody Mess Skin

11. Muerto Miguel Skin

12. Muerto Maria Skin

13. Witch Hat with Potion Stash

14. Poison Apple Outfit

15. Flashback Skins

16 thru 31


16. Books

17. Worn Tapestry Rugs

18. Halloween Draped Crates

19. October Ballroom Chandelier

20. October Rugs

21. Fence & Trellis Set 1

22. Mourning Curtains

23. Spiderweb Curtains -not on the Marketplace yet

24. Fence & Trellis Set 2

25. Hanging Moss Dollarbie

26. Pumpkin Plant

27. Mustache Man Skull Decor

28. Creepy Mossy Tree

29. Number 13 Wall Hanging

30. Cutie Skull Decor

31. October Piano Decor -Pumpkin Town Hunt Item!! Visit my Pumpkin Town store and hunt for the skull.


Starting NOW through Sunday, Sept. 22nd

BUY 3*, GET 3**

1. Visit my Marketplace shop.

2. Buy 3 items from me – L$11 & up.

3. SEND A NOTECARD to my avatar MiaSnow Myriam. Include a copy of your purchase info available through your dashboard on the SL website. In the note, type your full avatar name. You can also type your specific requests for the free 3 – but if you do not specify I will choose something for you. One avatar only per deal.

*you MUST submit purchase info notecard to MiaSnow Myriam.
**of corresponding value – write your specific requests or let me choose 3 free for you.