Meow Meow

Just a cute little kitty cat snapshot to make you smile today!

Mesh avatar by Zoobys. I loooove being a cat. I’ve said that before… I’ll say it again! Meow meooow mew mew! Once in a lucid dream, I realized I must be a cat because I was jumping up on shelves, sniffing flower arrangements. They were fake flowers, can you believe that!? But anyway, when I looked down to check out my cat body, I actually saw nothing. Maybe next time I’ll see my Zooby mesh!

Photo is unedited other than the effects placed on it in Pixlr.


Barnabas Gets a Makeover, Free Wall Art

Art by MiaSnow & Trindolyn, Poser Pro & PhotoShop. Created in honor of the new Dark Shadows movie by Tim Burton, for a contest hosted by DeviantART. The challenge was to give Barnabas Collins a makeover, so of course we had to give him a pron stash, disco shirt, & tight fro! Shown here with lovely home items from KOSH. The effects we created by using the MIASNOW Photo FX HUD for a frame, then I used Pixlr to edit it.

Go to Trin’s India Ink Gallery on Twomoons Island, join the subscriber (which is right inside the building entrance) & then you should be able to access History & claim your prize! 2 prims, mod/copy.



Thanks so much to the avies who bought my new relaxed hands this weekend… you helped me splurge on this new skin! ♥

the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory) skin
the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory) – lipstick – vanilla
MIASNOW Shape – LOVE 4 (lips altered)
ACID & MALA Parted Lips – Unisex Teeth Tattoo
ACID & MALA Necktie – Recycled Newspaper
Lolapop! Hethr Necklace (yellow)
“”D!va”” Hair “Nana” (Type B)(Ruby) (FREE)
MIASNOW Hands – Relaxed
Aura – Class Act Pants (Mesh)
COCO Heels
/artilleri/ LeeLee bikini
MIASNOW Clothing – Leo Shirt Green

LAP Poses

B!tch Stole My Look!?

Skin, eyes, shape by MIASNOW. Glasses & collar by La Malvada Mujer.

The b!tch i refer to here is me (!) & the look i stole is the gleaming grunge style of faina Cortes’ store La Malvada Mujer, which means “wicked woman”. she has inspired me to make a skin inspired by her!

All in one box, you get the skin in 3 lip colors… pale, red, & blue, plus body/brow shape, & small/large breast options on a tat layer. Looks great with La Malvada Mujer makeups & accessories. Available inworld & @ the Marketplace. Be sure to try the demos!

Other credits: lamb hair, & bubble corset (also located on Twomoons Island)

Also exciting news, La Malvada Mujer has moved main store to Twomoons Island! faina is still working on the store, but as you can see below, it is well worth a visit already!

La Malvada Main Store on Twomoons Island.

Rambling Helloo & a Call for Blaggards, err BLOGGERS!

…Ohhh yikes, i made an impulsive, expensive purchase today @ Zooby’s… couldn’t help myself. But, now i’m a cat & never felt more at home in SL! I just knew it was going to be a good day, because i woke up with the sun shining on my behind. Seriously. There was a single ray of light beaming through the window down onto my butt!

So, also… i was wondering if anyone would like to blog my new Polar Bear Celebration decor in the Midnight Mania? if so, please send me a notecard inworld with your full name so i can copy paste it, & your blog addy. i will choose some to send the bear plus some other goodies to.

❤ ~Mia