Polar Baby Permagrin!

I smiled the whole time while creating these little guys. They are so simple, innocent, & sweet!

Wiggles, Shy, & Hedwig are all animated with blinky eyes. The 2 shoulder bears are not animated yet also blink. Very affordable individually, but the fatpack is only L$599. You should be able to wear a number of them at the same time. These are all non-transfer, & the permissions will say no modify, but you can adjust the size, color, glow, etc. Transferable gacha editions are coming later (soonish). All of these cuties are rezzed inworld so you can check them out before you buy.

Shy clings tight & hides her face & has cute little pink cheeks & tummy! The hold animation should override your AO & work with it. The brand of AO I always go to is Sweet Lovely Cute because it always works with animate-on-attach animations.

This wiggly big baby is hard to handle! He looks especially adorable when you wear an active AO… it makes seem as though you struggle to hold him!

Be sure to “add” this baby, instead of just “wear” it or it will knock your wig off! She was originally animated to be flopped out on the head belly-flop style. But I accidentally rotated her & found that she waves! So, feel free to play with her position. The avatar’s pose is part of the Erina AO by Sweet Lovely Cute (SLC). And adorable pink bow by [ni.Ju]. Cloudy shirt by MIASNOW, Ploom hair, & dot pants by [ bubble ] by moonbubble Gothly. Location is Twomoons Island.

Wooby has pink cheeks. You can tint her hat any color you like. If you know how to edit prims you can change her pose easily enough. These are all very low-prim.

And last but not least, Pooky is a darling lil guy who’s hat is also tintable.

Enjoy! I hope the polar babies bring as much joy to you as they have to me!


Polar Bear Family!

Somehow a lantern project i was working on¬†turned into a polar bear family, & for that my dear Attention Deficit Disorder, i thank you. these guys turned out so cute & glittery! i has gotten all busy trying to figure out how to animate them, but when my brain rattled i began to think, “hey why not put them on sale as-is for now & script them later?” i just couldn’t resist this logic… especially since i can charge less for unscripted ones & they won’t cause lag!^^… so these are for sale inworld¬†right now for L$199, & a wee bit more on the Marketplace. copy & mod to your heart’s sweet discontent. if you know how to edit linked prims then you can even rez extra bears & change their poses.

Hope you enjoy these lil fellas as much as i do!