Museum Trippin

At the Moya Museum

At the Moya Museum

Today I put together an outfit of cute stuff (from bubble and Love Soul) and went to a few museums.

I really enjoyed my time at the Moya Museum, took a lot of screenshots, and even had a chance to visit with Moya himself who tells me he had one of his very first SL exhibitions because of me (I used to run a gallery). I am honored! He’s such a powerhouse of raw talent. The whole island is chock full of art… he paints, he sculpts, he draws, and he creates virtual art spaces including galleries, monuments, and even an Anti-Moya campaign complete with picketers! Some of the spaces like the one shown above is actually very realistic feeling. He says he’s using a spotlight.

With Moya

With Moya

Some of his art

Chatting via Google translator while walking through the gallery together

More of Moy's art

Moya and his art

Go there and see it all for yourself. Be prepared for a feast of the eyes.

I also went to the Natural History Museum, which was lovely but not big enough! More, more I say!

The realistic effect is really trippy!

The realistic effect is really trippy!

At the Natural History Museum in SL

Then I went to the International Spaceflight Museum which had an incredible rocket display. Each has a plaque you can click on for information about each rocket. I suspect that the various sizes represented are somewhat accurate and they do give one the impression of how massive they are.

International Spaceflight Museum

International Spaceflight Museum

Ok, so now onto my outfit 🙂

At my house in front of my dad's artwork.

At my house in front of my dad’s artwork.

GoldFish Love Soul

Rainbow Tunic and Dot Leggings from bubble

GoldFish Bag and Phone from Love Soul

Love Soul PhoneCase



Love Soul hair and Glasses

MiaSnow Ember Skin, Mint Leaf for the Mouth, XP Eyeshadow, and Lips I Love


Additions to Marketplace!

Hi! I just posted some more items to my Marketplace. They are oldies but goodies, meaning they aren’t newly made, just freshly posted on Marketplace! Corduroys, long sleeve sexy cute tops, and heart freckles…

miasnow marketplace april 2015

MIASNOW Clothing Cloudy Shirts Poster

MIA14 ... LEO Shirts Poster

MIASNOW Corduroy Pants pretinted 4 pack PIC

MIASNOW Corduroy Pants white tintable PIC

miasnow heart freckles

Theme Park Rock n Roll

Today an event opened called The Theme Park. This month’s theme is rock n roll! I have made 3 special items which are only available at the event now, and will be in-store (at MIA14) afterwards. The event runs for 3 weeks.

MIA14 Stardust Makeup Poster


Stardust makeup is based on Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie). It has to wrap around the avatar mesh so the lines get a little wobbly (as you can see in the photo) but that’s just the way it is and overall i think it still looks pretty awesome. Demo is available so you can see how it wraps on your avie.

MIA14 Leo Shirts Main Poster


Sexy Leo shirts come in 6 colors and include Lolas and Azz appliers, but may be worn without. Sculpted sleeve cuffs fit nicely over SLink wrists.



Only makeup, lashes, and death lock are based on the one and only, Jerry Only from Misfits! ❤ As you can see in the Leo shirt photo, you can wear the death lock with your fave hair (or alone).

December Scarf Mesh 8 Pack



Easy mesh scarf 8 pack. Click and wear mesh moves with your avatar’s body. Feels soft and comfy. Available now at SnowVille.

Bonus: Explore SnowVille and find the gift shop. Under the tree you will find my gift to you, a red and black stripe scarf (my personal favorite). There are lots of presents from the other merchants as well 🙂

Zomboy & Zombina

Back on the Marketplace! Inworld too, right inside the entrance of the theater. Sold individually there. L$200 each skin & L$50 mod/copy shape as always. The whole packs are currently L$499 & the eyes pack L$95.

Zombina listing is here.

Zombie Eyes 5 Pack listing is here.

Find Zomboy listing here.

More pics!

Shape shown wearing parts of the Poison Apple Outfit available here.

This is my fave of the girl’s skins, included in fatpack…

Poison Apple Outfit

An oldy but goodie, just now put back out. It’s on Marketplace & inworld at the Monster Beach Party. Check the options!

– Notecard: about the hold options vs. your AO
-Buckle Embellishment
-Buckle Embellishment w/feathers
-Cauldron w/ brew hold option 1
-Cauldron w/ brew hold option 1 (bubbling sound)
-Cauldron w/ brew hold option 2
-Cauldron w/ brew hold option 2 (bubbling sound)
-Corset w/ partial panty
-Gloves Darker (wear w/ another glove layer)
-Gloves w/ black nails
-Gloves w/ green nails
-Gloves w/ orange nails
-Gloves w/ purple nails
-Gloves w/ red nails
-MIASNOW clothing POISON APPLE OUTFIT poster (for a quick reference)
-offer apple 1 static pose
-offer apple 2 static pose
-offer apple 3 static pose
-Panty w/ garters
-Poison Apple (wear) hold option 1
-Poison Apple (wear) hold option 2
-Skirt longer
-Sleeve (left)
-Sleeve (right)
-Stockings Black & Sheer
-Stockings foot Black & Sheer
-Stockings otk Black & Sheer
-Witch Hat w/ potion stash (magic particles)
-Witch Hat w/ potion stash (no magic particles)

Bundly Snuggly SALE!

As of this posting it is 11:30am SLT & a little sale has begun \o/ …i just want to feature a cute winter outfit i made last year. it’s still totally adorable…. and tintable! marked down to L$99 INWOLRD ONLY until 11:59pm SLT, tonight.

That’s a WHOLE OUTFIT that you can tint ….any colors! it includes boots, hat, mittens, sweater, & skirt!