Just Tryin to Get My Items in Your Inventory



Hello. I’m just tryin to get my items in your inventory, because I think once you try what I make – you’ll love it. Then your friends will ask, “Where did you get that?” And you’ll say, “MIA14! It’s the new store by MiaSnow…. remember her old store MIASNOW? Well, she’s back in SL and creating again. Plus, you can still get the old thingys on the Marketplace!” And your friend will come to MIA14 and check out my hard works, spend a little skrilla, and the cycle will continue on and on and on ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not aiming to be a Lindenaire, you see… that’s why I make some things free. But the more L’s I can make, the more you get in return from me ๐Ÿ™‚ Have I told you lately that I love you? I do. I love you โค !

So, how can I get my items in your inventory? Thanks for asking. I just updated my vendor at The Wash, FabFree Headquarters! “FabFree?” you may ask. YES! F-A-B-F-U-K-I-N FREE! While you’re there, join the FabFree group for all kinds of notices for L$0-L$10 items all over the grid.



Did I Mention?


Right now, I have 2 special items for almost free at 2 special Halloween inspired events: Horrorfest and Pumpkintown!

The piano set is all mesh and modifiable. You get the set linked together and separate parts so you can decorate as you please. Some pre-tinted versions are also included. You get: Halloween banner, vintage mirror, piano, rustic broom, stool, and pumpkin with branch. The lyrics on the music sheet are for Misfits Die Die My Darling ๐Ÿ™‚ You will find this item in my Pumpkintown store as part of the Pumpkintown hunt. So, look for a skull!



The Bloody Clown makeup is part of the Horrorfest Hunt in which you’re looking for a tiny pumpkin in my main headquarters. The hint is “Let’s keep in touch.” While there, please join my subscriber!!!


Meet Walker Betty… she enjoys long walks in the cemetery, the freezing touch of fear, & the scent of your brains.
Available now at Marquis Market.

Shown here wearing one pale mesh eye (also available at Marquis Market for a discount) & one shiny black mesh eye available on the Marketplace. Spider Web lashes are still free for a limited time. Wings & top by Schadenfreude.

Please be so kind to check out my little spot inworld & join my subscriber.

I <3 U


Happy Valentines from Mia~! This little gift is currently being sent through the Subscriber & via the MIASNOW Group. It comes with system lash eraser & the flowing heart tears as shown. โค

If you aren’t already in the subscriber, teleport here to join, then click the white box above to retrieve the gift. Wait for the subscriber to get done sending though! It can take a while.

Halloween 2012 MIASNOW Group Gift

The gift is sending right now through the subscriber, so if you are already joined then sit & wait! Sometimes the subscriber takes a while as there are now 5160 members! *falls over* THANK YOU!

The subscriber is located right here in case you haven’t joined yet & would like this free gift for mens & the womens too!

The eyes shown here are also included!ย 


Shown here on the female with hair by Truth, bathing suit by Pig (Pig is located on the same sim my main store is on)

On the male:ย *BC322 Military Pants & hair by Black Maria.


I’ve got a total mess on the top of my new store. Look at the pic, it’s all crazy atm. So, if you like a thrift store or wacky yard sale, then you’ll like this. Stuff is marked down. There are things from L$0 to L$10 to L$45 & plus other prices mixed in all around. I’m going to retire some stuff so get it while it still exists! I don’t know what will go for good yet, sorry. ~Mia