Say it with Fingers

There is a SALE on the new MIASNOW Hands. It ends tonight! More info. Also, the skin shown has been added to the Marketplace.

Now bugger off!



Oh hey. I spent the day giving everybody & everything… the MiDDLeZ faNGERz! Do it, you’ll feel excellent, I guarantee!

New MIASNOW Bird Finger Hands are on sale for L$195 thru 7:30 PDT Tuesday September 28.

I worked on the HUD for this hand, & got rid of some of the features used in the HUDs for the Relaxed & Peace Sign Hands. This one is a simple 23 prim attachment with no wrist positions built into the HUD. I like it better, hope you do too. Lower lag, plus it is simple to just use edit mode to move the hand if you need to. Also, with these hands you can toggle the rings on & off for each hand separately. Comes with a RED RING BOP, but you can buy optionally, an HUD for the ring colors. There are also nail HUDs that work with all MIASNOW Hands.

Inworld & on the Marketplace.



Peace Hands available now inworld @ MIASNOW! & on the Marketplace.

The right hand has a Ring Bop option on the middle finger (as shown above). The left hand has the ring option on the ring finger. All MIASNOW hands come with bangles which are scripted with many color & texture options. They help hide the seams where the hands & wrist meet. You may also wear your own jewelry or choose none. It is not very difficult at all to retouch your snapshots if the seam shows. Just use a little blur or smudge tool.

I also decided to re-make the poster for the Relaxed Hands. Just try the demo if you want to understand the hands more fully.


Also, each hand comes with an additional Skin-Tone HUD. So, besides the colors shown on these HUDs, there are even more to choose from. Plus, you can tint the skin any color & input your own RGB. Rings show or not, your choice. A few other add-on HUDs are available inworld for purchase. They work with every MIASNOW hand. There are nails options & Ring Bop colors!

Fo Twenny

It’s a special day… some of you know the meaning! 

To celebrate, the Stash Bash starts today… that means AWESOME FREE HUNT PRIZES!

My hunt prize is a nail HUD that will work with any MIASNOW Hands, now & future! L$199 value. Grab it now for FREE! All you have to do is find my stash bag. I think I dropped it somewhere in my store.

More uncensored close-up pics of the nails on the hands on my Flickr. I just loooove this subtle manicure! Do you?


Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Naomi” (Cat’s eye)(Scarf)


Skin, Eyes, Hands: MIASNOW

Outfit: Has Been – Stash Bash – MaryJane PJ’s Womens (STASH BASH HUNT PRIZE!)

Glasses: .:*December::. Glasses No.74 Project Themeory – Week 74

Sneakers: Ducknipple (STASH BASH HUNT PRIZE!)

The area I’m sitting in was decorated by MudHoney Designs.


Hello everybody! Lots of exclamation points from me today because I am very excited & happy to announce a new arrival at MIASNOW… pretty & easy sculpted hands!!!

The Relaxed hand pose is the first of many more to come.

With the HUDs, you will get a close match for ANY skin color!

Customize your look with sophisticated HUDs.

More nail options to come. This rainbow pack is the first release, available now. You will be able to use it with all of the hands as they are released.

The Ring Bops can be turned on & off. This HUD is available so you can go crazy with color.

Available inworld @ MIASNOW Main Store & on the Marketplace.

Demo available for L$1.

See full info & tips @ the article MIASNOW Hands Complete Info.

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Naomi” (a freebie sent in FabFree *i think*)

Skin, Eyes, Teeth: MIASNOW

Dress: 20.FIVE, with Artilleri underneath

Glasses: .:*December::. Glasses No.74 Project Themeory – Week 74