Stylies, Midnight Mania, Lucky Board, RiotVend oh My!

Hello! i am so happy / surprised to announce that MIASNOW was nominated for the Second Style Magazine’s Stylie Awards in the Alt skins category! and “all of this years nominations were gathered across the grid by public submissions.” WOW, thank you! i’m in the category with some great skin makers, and am just tickled pink! check the nominee list now, because voting closes soon.

also, in my Main Store, there is a newly installed Midnight Mania! you can still smell the fresh! and i added another Lucky Board for male stuffs, and changed the gift in the RiotVend. enjoy!

left to right: Cosmic Vulacent blue (past) skin, Soul Windows Eyes 7 pack, Belladonna runny mascara exclusive, dark eye goth skin 2 pack


Thank You! wew…

Wow, thank you everyone who came to my Subscribe-O for the Emily Skins Group Gift! i was surprised how many people stopped by to join the group & grab the gift, and glad to hear many thank you’s and kind words, yay!! *jumps across a rainbow*

Also, it’s been really fun to see blog posts and pics of Emily, the way different people see her – interpreted by their own tastes and style. btw, if you’re on flickr and have any pics including Emily skins, plz post to the MIASNOW Group Pool!

the gift is now removed from the Subscribe-O kiosk, so i’m sorry to any latecomers. you can still get the Emily grey makeups in each fatpack, as bonus skins.

the following are some of the posts/pics about Emily skins that i’ve noticed and loved (sorry for any i missed)…

== Faina Cortes, omg how i adore your art. check out Sick Ego at Killer Dolls.
== Aubrey Monday rocking a cute, sexy, edgy, gothic lolita look.
== Karla Scorbal wearing a perfect hair + hat that frames the skin’s bold eye makeup.
== Susy Barthelmess at Second life 24h. i especially like the pics with the beret. really cute avie!
== KIJIRUSHI, ahhhh! i love this look, showing all the Emily gift shapes and skins together. the hair choice is similar to my own RL hair atm, so i extra ❤ it^^
== From On The Loose… a cute post called In the pink, showing Emily skins worn with various cute pink outfits!
== Yse SLiffeuse et Gloodeuse… well no clue what that says, but the photo is gorgeous and in the setting of my store’s location 🙂

Photo credits: hair by lamb, outfit by i love 13, necklace, eyes and skin by MIASNOW, background is a moody skybox called Shadow Mountain by JASstore, and pose is by LAP.

~coming Tuesday, Nina Makeout Skin!~ c ya…