Hey 🙂 I updated my Marketplace today with some of my MIA14 items. So far:

12 skintones are included in this fatpack of Ember skins! Check it out.

mia14 ember clean skin1

And the following is a skin applier for Slink’s Visage mesh head…

ember visage miasnow

A skin to match Slink’s Visage Mesh Head… Ember in Healthy Glow skintone. She is pretty, fresh-faced, and has a glowing, bright complexion. With no brows and little makeup, she looks a little edgy and a bit sweet. There are currently no other additions to this particular applier… no makeups, no other skintones. It was originally made for a Lazy Sunday event, Support Lazy Sunday! Check it out.

Here are some more photos using the Ember skin on Slink Visage…







And lastly, I also placed the matching appliers for these items right here!

ember appliers


Lazy Sunday’s 200th Event

Hello! My item for Lazy Sunday’s special 200th event, is an applier for Slink’s Visage mesh head. It includes the whole skin so even if you don’t have the Slink Visage yet, you’re getting something awesome you can use for only L$75! But I highly recommend the Slink Visage mesh head, it’s very cute, lovely and includes lots of fun expressions, closed eyes, and more. Later I’ll release a full applier version with eyebrow and makeup options. This is only a special price thru Sunday March 16 and only at my main store location, MIA14.



I’d like to also point out that if you buy the Slink Visage and like the skin that already comes on it… and say you want to use it just like it is, then it is good to know that MIA14 Ember Skin Healthy Glow actually matches the tone pretty well. This pic over at Flickr shows what I mean.



MIA14 Winter Gift Skin poster

Trend matches the appliers for Smooth skins. So, pick up this cute and sexy skin for only L$1, and buy the very fair priced appliers for SLink, Lolas, Azz, and even AMD Baby Bump! This skin demonstrates some of the options you have when you buy the Ember base with clean skin, plus makeups and lip options. Take a look while you teleport here to grab the almost freebie.

MIA14 is my new shop. The “14” stands for year, so next will be MIA15 and so on. Hopefully this will help you and me both keep all my many creations in order in our inventories.

MIASNOW Brand is still available on the Marketplace, and still adding.


eyeliner and lash plus blush poster

Some Awesome MIASNOW Skins

I put together some photos to show a few MIASNOW skins which will be awesome for your Halloween (at good prices too!) All these are on the Marketplace. Follow the links below 🙂



All skins above are shown with Shiny Black Mesh Eyes.

1. F%cked Up Franny

2. Muerto Maria

3. Beautiful Death Beth

4. Walker Ambrosia  (the only one out of this selection which includes appliers for Slink & Tango)

5. Johanna Cosmic Traveler

6. Zombina

7. Zombish

8. Wicked Woman

9. DevilDoll

10. Alien Grey

11. Chronica

12. Zomba Bloody Mess