Meet Walker Betty… she enjoys long walks in the cemetery, the freezing touch of fear, & the scent of your brains.
Available now at Marquis Market.

Shown here wearing one pale mesh eye (also available at Marquis Market for a discount) & one shiny black mesh eye available on the Marketplace. Spider Web lashes are still free for a limited time. Wings & top by Schadenfreude.

Please be so kind to check out my little spot inworld & join my subscriber.


Walker Ambrosia Skin Set


New! From MIASNOW… Walker Ambrosia Skin Set on the Marketplace.

The eyes are available here.

-4 lipstick colors
-2 breast options (braless and pushup bra cleavage) plus an applier for Lolas Tnago mesh breasts (you must already own the mesh breasts)
-6 eyeshadow options
-MOD/COPY shape
-Brow shaper
-Eyebrow option (dark)
-System eyelash eraser



Snapshot_011 copy


Black Fri Sale @ MIASNOW

Hello! There is one special item on a very good sale price from now all the way thru Friday.

The whole Sweety Skin Set is marked down to L$399! Only inworld. <—TP

Hope you like the price! It is insane all that you get for this price… 4 skintones, breast options, lips, brows, lashes, shape, & system lash eraser ALL IN ONE PACK! Sweety is smooth & beautiful… a perfect base for layering up your favorite makeups on top. ❤ ~Mia



Halloween 2012 MIASNOW Group Gift

The gift is sending right now through the subscriber, so if you are already joined then sit & wait! Sometimes the subscriber takes a while as there are now 5160 members! *falls over* THANK YOU!

The subscriber is located right here in case you haven’t joined yet & would like this free gift for mens & the womens too!

The eyes shown here are also included! 


Shown here on the female with hair by Truth, bathing suit by Pig (Pig is located on the same sim my main store is on)

On the male: *BC322 Military Pants & hair by Black Maria.


Franny is available inworld & on the Marketplace.


Shown here wearing:


Magika Hair (Oct group gift)

Eyebows & vest by Schadenfreude

Cheeky pants by Whipped Cream

An eyeball by Miss Shippe’s Studio

All stores mentioned above (except for Magika) are all located on Twomoons Island. Come TRICK OR TREAT THIS MONTH!

Zomboy & Zombina

Back on the Marketplace! Inworld too, right inside the entrance of the theater. Sold individually there. L$200 each skin & L$50 mod/copy shape as always. The whole packs are currently L$499 & the eyes pack L$95.

Zombina listing is here.

Zombie Eyes 5 Pack listing is here.

Find Zomboy listing here.

More pics!

Shape shown wearing parts of the Poison Apple Outfit available here.

This is my fave of the girl’s skins, included in fatpack…