Chocolate Plum

Check out Paisley Mizin’s blog. SUCH CUTE LOOKS! She is the Twomoons Island Official Bona Fide Blogger! ❤

Chocolate Plum.



Monster Beach Party!

We’re having a Monster Beach Party on Twomoons Island! Residents and special guests, for the month of October. Put on a skimpy bathing suit and join us in moonbathing!


Words by Allegory Malaprop (the event’s organizer) & poster by hyasynth Tiramisu.

Oh Hey Lookit Some Pics!

Twomoons Island, raw snapshot taken back in May, in Firestorm using some kind of Torley light setting.

Another snap from May of the entrance-ish to Twomoons Island, the WELCOME area @ the Alien Abduction Trailer Park! How many more names & titles can we fit in? Oh, many many more! Twomoons Island is home to Two Moons and Lusty Stars- Starlust at Twoomoons Island, plus MIASNOW, JASstore, GROLLWERK, LOTS OF CAPSLOCK, a huge bra, what? yep, & an apothecary, Fox in the Snow, what are we talking about? GREAT PLACES TO VISIT ON TWOMOONS, A WHOLE CRAP-LOAD ‘O CREATIVITY, & CAPS & names & titles & ampersands.


Just one more pic… my smilin’ avatar. she’s wearing MIASNOW Sweety Skin with the white lashes that come with it, plus Dolly Freckles which are a cheepie also from MIASNOW. The lips are from Leafy… she has a trailer at the Trailer Park, so check it out. & say ‘out’ like you are from Canada… CHECK IT OOT!


Barnabas Gets a Makeover, Free Wall Art

Art by MiaSnow & Trindolyn, Poser Pro & PhotoShop. Created in honor of the new Dark Shadows movie by Tim Burton, for a contest hosted by DeviantART. The challenge was to give Barnabas Collins a makeover, so of course we had to give him a pron stash, disco shirt, & tight fro! Shown here with lovely home items from KOSH. The effects we created by using the MIASNOW Photo FX HUD for a frame, then I used Pixlr to edit it.

Go to Trin’s India Ink Gallery on Twomoons Island, join the subscriber (which is right inside the building entrance) & then you should be able to access History & claim your prize! 2 prims, mod/copy.