The Blasted Heath

The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham is a build by me (MiaSnow Myriam) sponsored by a grant provided by LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts). It opened today, October 1st, 2015! Go visit!!! 


The Colour Out of Space is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s story depicting The Blasted Heath, a region of grey desolation sprawling open to the sky. It is where an event known as the strange days occurred after a meteorite landed at the Gardner’s well.


What To Do @ The Blasted Heath:
At the Landing Point:
◕ Turn your sound up and prepare to get creeped out.
◕ Make sure to use region settings for estate time lighting.
◕ On the billboard, click the links for more H.P. Lovecraft. Look at photos and read info about him. Listen to the story or read it while you look around.
◕ Grab a free apple, but prepare for “sore disappointment, for of all that gorgeous array of specious lusciousness not one single jot [is] fit to eat. Into the fine flavour of the …apples [has] crept a stealthy bitterness and sickishness, so that even the smallest bites [induce] a lasting disgust.”
◕ Check out the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) Kiosk and find more fine exhibitions!
At the Well:
◕  Trick a friend into getting trapped in the dark hole where the meteorite fell near the well. If they panic, just tell them to wait it out and the spell of the deep will release them.
◕  Past the well, follow the narrow path into the reservoir water and stargaze on the rock with a friend.
In Gardner’s Place:
◕  Pick up some dollarbies! Framed photos of H.P. Lovecraft, books, & a copy of The Arkham Post.
◕  Sit next to Nabby Gardner on the sofa, if you dare!
◕  Click the radio for a link to listen to the story on YouTube.
◕  Click the TV for a link to an H.P. Lovecraft documentary.
Thank you so much LEA, for awarding me the opportunity to build this!! ❤ ❤ ❤

TGIF & Here’s the TIFI!

Translation: Thank God its Friday & Here’s the Twomoons Island Featured Items!

The garage @ the Alien Abduction Trailer Park is all crammed full ‘o good stuff right now. This TP takes you right there.

The Garage, Shopping & Recreation.

I want all these jeans from BLITZED….

These eyes from Beautifully Grotesque caught my, er… eye. <3!

And lastly, darling headband yum yums from LOULOU & Co!

Fly on top of the building for a trampoline, hot tub, & shaded seating.

Take a load off this weekend & have some fun!


New Gifts Boutique @ Twomoons Island!

Grand Opening today! Presented by the residents of Twomoons Island. Everything in the shop is transfer-OK, a perfect place to find something for everybody! We’ll add more all the time. Stop by even just for a second just to grab the LM so you can always remember where’s a great place to get a quick, affordable gift. The greeter will pass the LM to you automatically as you land.

Also, there’s a new update group for the whole island. Touch the sign right near the landing point to join. You’ll receive product release info, invites to events, and notification to additions / features on the island! Join now! Don’t delay!

Bring in the Green of Spring


Items from March Mint Madness, March 10th – 30th:

– Unisex mint eyes by MIASNOW

– Earrings and bracelet by Lolapop!

– Shirt and shorts by House of London

– Shoes by Lazy Places

– Green eye makeup by VIRTUAL/INSANITY

– Chaise lounge with poses by Just A Pose


Also pictured:

– Eyelashes by KOSH

– Skin by MIASNOW (Fresh cateye tan)

– Mushroom by Just A Pose

– Acorns by Lazy Places (their item packaging!)

– Grunge frame photo HUD by MIASNOW, check the details on the Marketplace

– Hair by lamb